Jill S. Harris, PhD - Economist
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State of Play: How Do College Football Programs Compete for Student Athletes?

If You Can't Pay Them, Play Them:  Fan Preferences and Own-Race Bias in the WNBA

Predicting the WNBA Draft?  What Matters Most?

The Demand for Student-Athlete Labor & The Supply of Violations in the NCAA 

Hot Hands in Cold Water? An Investigation into the Myth Using NCAA Water Polo

On Using GIS to Teach in the Social Sciences (Thought & Action Fall 2012) 

State of Play: NCAA Football Violations 

RCRCD Benefit Cost Analysis 

Phase I RCRCD report 
Phase II RCRCD report 

Sample GIS presentation 

Developing Resource Stewardship presentation 

Current CV 

Teaching Evaluations
Participate in current research survey 

Economics of Sport Dodger Purchase  
 PAC-12 Directv Spat 
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